Hand casting - Diana Pattenden
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Hand casting

How amazing is this?


Would you like you and your family to have a really wonderful keepsake? Book yourselves to get your hands cast at my studio. When you arrive I will show you some YouTube videos so you can familiarise yourselves with the process. You rehearse a few poses whilst I prepare the setting agent (natural alginate sourced from seaweed). You plunge your hands into the bucket of setting agent, wait a few minutes while it sets and captures all the fine detail. Then carefully pull your hands out. I fill the space with quality Plaster of Paris. Once this sets we can carefully tear away some of the alginate for you to have a glimpse of what is hidden.


I spend some time preparing and finishing before you return to the studio to collect the finished piece.


Prices start at £45 for one hand £90 for two hands and increase at £25 per additional hand. Wood-turned base is extra.