Diana's Clay Club - Diana Pattenden
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Diana’s Clay Club

Want learn about ceramics? Can’t make it to a local ceramics class? Start on your kitchen table with Diana’s Clay Club Box and a host of videos to follow.

I am a professional sculptor and I have been teaching ceramics for about six years. I run weekly classes in my studio as well as taster sessions and parties for duos, families, groups of adults or groups of children.


When you can’t make it to my studio then pick up a box and work at home.


Don’t be daunted if you’ve never done it before.  Take a look at some of my short video’s and get a taste for it.


Don’t know what to make? Let’s go through some questions. Do you want to make a pot or a sculpture?  If the answer is pot then there are three ways you can hand-build a pot at home.

  • pinch pot
  • coil pot
  • slab pot


If you’d like to make a sculpture what would be your subject?

  • animal, sea creature, dinosaur, cartoon character, bird, pet
  • nature inspired – leaves, seed pods, flowers
  • abstract form – curves and shapes from your imagination

Get started

Take the board out of the box and the bag of clay. Open the bag of clay and using the cheese wire cut the amount of clay you wish to use. You can add or take away clay in the process of creating using water or slip to stick bits together.  Keep the bag of clay air tight when not using. Follow the videos on how to make a pot or sculpture.

Golden rules

Scrunching up bits of clay will trap air pockets into the clay and  is likely to cause your work to break in the kiln. Folding clay over itself can also trap air and come apart in the kiln. Keep your work moist with a gentle spray of water and wrap it up with polythene between sessions of work and when finished. Letting your work dry out completely will make it very fragile and likely to break in transit.
Above all play and have fun, be inventive and see what happens.


When you have finished making your creation wrap it up and put it back in the box and bring it to my studio. Ring or text in advance.



MONDAY                  7.00pm-9.00pm

TUESDAY                   10.30am – 12.30am

WEDNESDAY            7.00pm-9.00pm

THURSDAY                CLOSED

FRIDAY                      10.30am-12.30am

SATURDAY                11.00am-1.00pm

SUNDAY                    CLOSED


It will take at least a week to dry out in my studio before first firing to bisque-ware, ready for glaze application.


I will contact you when your work is ready to collect at which point you can choose your glaze colours and learn about how to apply glaze. More videos on glaze application are available for you to follow at home. Glazes are sent out on loan so bring the glaze back for someone else to use when you bring your work back to my studio for the second firing.


I will contact you when your work is fired and ready to take home and treasure.


Want to do more? You can purchase materials from me and pay for firing

  • Clay 2kg = £10
  • Glazes = £2.00 – £5.00 depending on amount and type used
  • Firing = £5 per mug sized item or £15 per shelf (each item requires two firings)


One-to-One FaceTime sessions available for personal tuition at £27.50 per half-hour.


Post photos of your creations on the Instagram @DIANA’S CLAY CLUB

What’s in the box?

In the box you will find

  • 2kg Grey Clay
  • a board to work on
  • a cheese wire – to cut the clay
  • some tools
  • a piece of cloth – to stop your artwork from sticking to the board
  • A piece of polythene – to wrap your work and keep it moist for when you transport your work back to my studio for drying and firing
  • Brushes for glazing


Making a pinch pot


Making a pinch pot


Making a pinch pot

Making a sting ray

Making a sea horse

Wrapping up your work

Wrapping up the clay

Embossed Mug (Step 1) 

Embossed Mug (Step 3)

Embossed Mug (Step 5)

Embossed Mug (Step 2)

Embossed Mug (Step 4)

Embossed Mug (Step 6)