Commissions - Diana Pattenden
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Commissions are collaborative. You have an idea and I bring it into sculptural reality. It can be any size. It can be for your garden or for your home. It can be life-like or abstract. If you’re searching for an idea, know you want a sculpture then we can explore your interests and sketch and research until we find what sings.


We can choose bronze, bronze resin, or ceramic. Once we get chatting the possibilities expand and you’ll find yourself imagining your dreams coming true.


You’ll see from my portfolio that I have lots of knowledge of animals. The way they look and move. You may like to commission a portrait of a beloved pet. I’d be very excited to hear what you might have in mind and get started on the process of collaboration.


You’ll be able to follow every step with visits to my studio. ¬†It really is exciting and captivating. The modelling, the casting, or perhaps firing if ceramic, and the finish are all executed with expertise.


The finished,¬†commissioned piece will seem to have its own energy that comes from me and from you. I like to think that my animal sculptures could breathe and walk away. One observer said my cows were more cow than cows. I like that – it’s as if, in the process of sculpting, I have intensified what I see. Let me show you.