Bronze sculpture, ceramic sculpture, sculpture commissions, sculpting courses, hand casting - Diana Pattenden
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I am a sculptor of bronze and ceramic limited-edition pieces and commissioned work. I also offer practical classes for people wishing to learn about sculpture and ceramics, host parties for children allowing them to play with clay, and do hand casting for family groups.

I love creating art in ceramic and bronze, and for examples of my work go to my Gallery and Commissions.

Keen student at a prosecco & clay party

These are fun evenings to try out clay modelling with a group of friends, perhaps  have a go on the potter’s wheel.

Hand casting creates a memento to treasure

Have an amazing experience getting your hands cast at my studio, finishing with a stunning 3D moment-in-time, capturing detail and character.

A creative alternative for children's parties

A creative alternative idea for children’s parties that is proving to be very popular